Ayn Rand, Progress and Silicon Valley with Erik Torenberg, Jason Crawford and Yaron Brook

Erik Torenberg interviews Jason Crawford and Yaron Brook. They discuss:

– What can destroy — or save — Silicon Valley.

– What Rand would say about Silicon Valley if she could see it today.

– How to reconcile egalitarianism and meritocracy.

– How to make her ideas more mainstream.

– Objectivism, libertarianism, and individualism.

– Progress as a human achievement and how to appreciate it.

This podcast was recorded live in January 2020 at AynRandCon.

Howard Roark and the Great Heroes of Literature by Andrew Bernstein

This talk shows that there are several attributes of literary heroism: the promotion of life-affirming values, the depth of virtue(s) manifested, the power of antagonists faced, and the hero’s degree of prowess. When we deploy such criteria and compare and contrast Howard Roark to some of literature’s other great heroes-for example, Odysseus, Cyrano, Doctor Stockmann, and Shane-where do we find he stands in the pantheon of literary heroism? This talk examines and answers this question.